‘Disenchanted’ is hilarious musical on 10th Street

Loyal Fairman For the Nonparel Aug 11, 2016

I went to the opening of a new musical at a new venue on South 10th Street in Omaha. The venue is just south of KETV Channel Seven Burlington Station. Location is 1019 South 10th Street at the Flixx Lounge. They put a sign out on the sidewalk so you can’t miss the lounge. “Disenchanted” is a musical play presented by The Candy Project, which is a production company that has done several musical productions the last few years. Producers are Debbie Krambeck and Cathy Hirsch.

Do you remember the cartoon series “Fractured Fairy Tales?” This is an “R” rated version with songs. The all-female cast disagrees with the Disney version of fairy tales. The songs are incredibly funny and extremely adult. This is not a show for children. As a matter of fact if you are under 19 you have to be with an adult. The cast is marvelous with nine talented and experienced actresses. They all have great voices and are extremely funny.

Snow White is played by Melanie Walters. She is one of the main ladies who takes us on this journey straightening out the myths created by Disney and others. Cinderella is played by Alissa Walker. She is a contrast to Snow White. You might say that she is a ditzy blonde. And let’s not forget Sleeping Beauty played by Katy Boone.

There are silly songs to go with the craziness taking place on stage. The first song was “One More Happily Ever After,” sung by Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Then we get the chance to meet Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.” In this case Belle is wearing a straight jacket. She is played by Samantha Shatley in a little different role than she had as Mary Poppins at Chanticleer in May. She sings a very funny rendition of “Insane” with Sleeping Beauty.

One song is called “Without a Guy” sung by the fairytale character Hua Mulan, played by Whitney Hansen. She sings about being a lesbian. There are not many fairytales about that. Samantha Quintana plays The Little Mermaid and Rapunzel. Alma Ramos plays Pocahontas. Aguel Lual plays “The Princess Who Kissed a Frog.” All of the ladies are funny as are the songs.

One particular segment was the highpoint of the night as far as craziness. In this segment there was knocking on the front door of the Flixx Lounge. It was Therese Rennels, who came into the stage area as Princess Badroulbadour from “Aladdin.” She is so funny and her props are indescribable in print. There are 13 songs, some of which I can’t tell you about in a G-rated review. Ladies, if you want a great “Ladies Night Out” make your reservations now. The 95-minute production with no intermission went by at the speed of light. I highly recommend this show. There is a full bar there so you can have a great night of fun entertainment with refreshments. Guys you will enjoy it just as much as the ladies, although men do get picked on in the show. Kaitlyn McClincy and Noah Diaz directed the production. Jenn Tritz was musical director for this fun show. Ticket prices for adults are $18. For tickets call (402) 957-2827.  Just two more weekends at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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